Frequently asked questions:

Q: do you travel!

A: Yes! Email us with any questions. 


Q: Where will you be this year


In 2019 we plan to attend the following events:

20th Annual Ridgway Rendezvous in Ridgway PA April 25-29



Thunder Over Evans in Evans, GA on May 18,2019



Chenango County Fair in Norwich NY August 6-11, 2019



Q: Could you make me something if I had a picture?

A: absolutely! Custom Orders are some of our favorite work actually.


Q: Do you make these?

A: Yes, we sure do.


Q: You do this with a chainsaw?

A: Mostly. Some smaller tools are used for finer details and smoothing rough edges.


Q: How long have you been carving?

A: I started carving December 5, 2009.


Q: What kind of wood is it?

A:We mainly use Eastern Red Cedar, White or Yellow Pine, Black Walnut, and Bald Cypress.


Q: Will you carve a tree we had cut down at my house if we left a stump?

A: Yes. We gladly do on-site jobs.


Q: How do I care for my piece?

A: This is a long one...


Chainsaw carvings WILL crack. It is inevitable as the wood we use is made by God, not by us so we cannot control it. By following the steps below you can minimize the appearance of unsightly cracks. In the unlikely event that a piece splits beyond the width of a grown man's thumb, we will do our best to work with you and repair the crack or lessen the appearance of it.

We will NOT replace a cracked piece. If we were to replace it, there is no way to guarantee the next piece won't crack as well; it's simply nature. 

If your piece is in direct weather ( constant wind rain or sun) I would reccomend coating it with three or four coats of spar urethane the first year and a coat every year after, or as needed if you are familiar with working with wood products. 

 Cobra rods can be added, as per manufacturers instructions, to help increase a piece's longevity  

 Pieces placed in the dirt or grass should be placed on  

                                   about two inches of gravel for drainage


                          a patio stone or walkway stone with furniture spacers

Pieces placed on a deck or porch should be placed on furniture spacers to allow for an air gap.

If you have questions regarding the maintenance of your piece, please call Chris @ (910) 364-3905